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Chasing Sound Music School is a locally-owned and operated Music Hub.  CSMS is a proud fixture of Barkly Street Footscray and offers private instrumental tuition to student 5yo and up, as well as performance opportunities, School Holiday Festivals and Ensemble Programs. CSMS has constructed a specialised facility with teaching studios, social areas, retail provision and a performance space. We also develop resources, content and Programs that reflect the musical needs of our region.

Through our Programs, Chasing Sound Music School provide consistency, transparency and clear musical pathways. We also advocate for stronger regulation in our industry and seek to create structured and sustainable employment opportunities for trained music educators. CSMS acts as connective tissue with local community ensembles, organisations, businesses and schools, supporting musicianship across all tiers. Our pillars include innovating and investing in access to quality education, fostering wellbeing and community, as well as generating industry change.

History of School


Emmet Brazil assumed control of the existing premises at 184A Barkly Street (now located 199-201 Barkly St), Footscray in 2016. Passionate about performance, music education and curriculum, Emmet sought to also encourage community collaboration and facilitate excellence for our region. Along with his wife Trang, he worked diligently and enthusiastically to create a School that would provide a professional forum for music tuition within the heart of a diverse and talented community. Together with his staff, Emmet cultivated a friendly and supportive culture of excellence and creativity. The school quickly grew in enrolments and now boasts a large number of teaching staff, ensembles and various programs to broaden the musical experiences and opportunities of students.

Chasing Sound are forming important partnerships with Maribyrnong City Council, Victoria University, Western Bulldogs Football Club, the Footscray Learning Precinct and more. We are excited about the possibilities for growth and expansion with the move to a larger premises (199 Barkly Street, Footscray), the implementation of a new Concert Band Program, Ensemble Program and Chasing Sound Curriculum and what this will mean for our larger Western Suburbs community!



Chasing Sound is the place to go for your tuition needs and can also supply many of your music resources and equipment. Stock is updated and constantly evolves to suit the requirements of our students and community.

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Chasing Sound is equipped with the following:

  • 3 Acoustic Piano Rooms
  • 1 Large Drum Room with two acoustic kits
  • 2 Guitar Room with nylon, electric and semi-acoustic guitars
  • 1 Strings Room with Double Bass, Cello, and Violins
  • 1 Brass & Woodwind Room


At Chasing Sound, we offer private music lessons, which last 30 to 60 minutes per session. The one-on-one instrumental class is an excellent way to introduce you to the instrument. We will match students with the right teacher to help them with learning an instrument from the start; or for those who wish to take their learning further, the teacher will work with you to achieve your goal in your learning. Lessons are on a weekly schedule and are aimed to be fun, engaging and challenging.

Chasing Sound Music School has a vast selection of popular instrumental classes:



Chasing Sound also organises annual performances which offer a chance for parents, family and friends to witness student displays of the progress made during lessons at Chasing Sound. These events allow an enjoyable celebration of accomplishments for students, teachers and the audience — a chance for us all to share the joy of music with our community.

For more specific details regarding instrumental lessons please click the link above.

Private Lessons (School-Age)
Private Lessons (Adults)
End-Of-Year Recital at Chasing Sound



Chasing Sound is the place to go for all your music needs! We supply a variety of music resources and equipment and can arrange special orders as needed. Stock is updated and constantly evolves to suit the requirements of our students and community. The following can be found at the School:

  • AMEB Grade Books
  • Music Method Books
  • Instrument Method Books
  • Guitar Strings
  • Guitar Picks
  • Clarinet & Saxophone Reeds
  • Valve Oil & Slide Grease

Chasing Sound is a diverse organisation, with many other services on offer outside music tuition. The following can be facilitated by the School:

  • Instrument Repair
  • Instrument Hire
  • AMEB Accompanists for Hire

External Administration Services

Are you a Sessional Music Tutor who must organise their own invoicing and more? Chasing Sound can handle these matters on your behalf including the collection of fees as well as processing exam enrolments and organising accompanist rehearsals.

Musical Pathway Advice for Students & Parents

Looking to sit AMEB exams or undertake VCE Music? Our expert team are more than happy to consult with you about these pathways.


How do I schedule lessons?

We schedule lessons over the phone at (03) 8317 1086 or in person at the School.

Do you offer online lessons? What are the fees?

We offer online lessons via Zoom. Lessons fees are the same as face-to-face lessons. You can read more on our fees & policies here.

Can I hire an instrument?

Yes! Chasing Sound has instrument hire available for guitar and violin. There are also other arrangements that can be made depending on the instrument you wish to hire. Please be sure to mention this when you call or visit to enrol.

What happens in lessons?

At Chasing Sound, we place priority on engagement and achievable progress. Students are provided a personalised interest-based curriculum that has a structured underpinning in the broader elements of musicianship.

As a parent, can I accompany my child in their lessons?

Absolutely! At Chasing Sound we encourage parent involvement within the lesson and also helping to maintain positive practice routines at home.

Do lessons happen during the School Holidays?

Along with ensemble rehearsals and other programs, private lessons continue through the term breaks. However, the School does close over the Christmas & New Year period, as well as Public Holidays (please see our Calendar).


January 28
Term 1 - Lessons Resume
July 12
Term 3 - Lessons Resume
March 8
Closed for Labour Day
August 21
Spring Soiree
April 2- April 18
Closed for Easter / School Holidays
September 19 - October 3
Closed for School Holidays
April 7 & 8 (TBC)
Autumn Workshop (School Holiday Program)
September 20 & 21 (TBC)
Spring Workshop
April 19
Term 2 - Lessons Resume
October 4
Term 4 - Lessons Resume
June 5
Winter Soiree
November 1 & 2
Closed for Melbourne Cup
June 14
Closed for Queen's Birthday
December 4 (TBC)
Summer Showcase
June 19 (TBC)
Winter Showcase
December 10-12 (TBC)
Summer Recital Series
June 27 - July 11
Closed for School Holidays
  • Term 1 January 28 - April 3
  • Term 2 April 19 - June 26
  • Term 3 July 12 - September 18
  • Term 4 October 4 - December 12


  • Level 1, 199-201 Barkly Street, Footscray VIC 3011
  • 03 8317 1086
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