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‘The Australian Music Examinations Board offers syllabuses and graded exams for a wide range of musical instruments, music theory, singing, speech and drama.

The benchmark for musical assessment in Australia, AMEB qualifications provide internationally recognised levels of achievement in music from beginner through to higher grades, and on to diploma level’. 

At Chasing Sound you can choose to study your instrument to complete the different levels of AMEB Exams. Chasing Sound will provide the teacher, organise your tuition books and book your exams. After completion, you’ll receive an internationally recognised qualification on your instrument.

Chasing Sound provides teachers that have passed level 8 AMEB
Chasing Sound is a registered school with the AMEB board
Chasing Sound will organise accompanists if required
Receive internationally recognised qualifications
For more information, visit the AMEB Website or visit us for a consultation.