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String Lessons In The West.

July 12, 2018| Lyn Spiteri

String instruments — so many of us wish we could play them! The emotive and versatile sounds can be exotic, optimistic or whimsical. They can also convey heartbreak and despair. There is nothing quite like the swirling, romantic sounds produced by the string section...

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Parent Community at Chasing Sound.

July 5, 2018| Lyn Spiteri

At Chasing Sound we are very fortunate to have such a diverse and supportive parent community. Our parents have high expectations for their children and services in the area. We respect this and value their ongoing feedback and suggestions. Practicing...

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Woodwind Lessons In The West.

June 28, 2018| Lyn Spiteri

Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone — think about when you have heard one of these woodwind instruments. The beautiful and lilting sounds of the flute. The versatile clarinet, equally mournful or jovial. Everyone knows that Lisa Simpson plays saxophone but there is...

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Growth Mindset in Music.

June 21, 2018| Lyn Spiteri

Growth Mindset is a positive approach for the development of young people. Through this practice, they are praised for their effort and process. They view intelligence as something that is ongoing and developmental. With growth mindset they learn to be...

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Brass Lessons in the West.

June 14, 2018| Lyn Spiteri

Trumpet and trombone — think about how many times you have heard one of these brass instruments. The exciting trumpet fanfare in your favourite movie (Star Wars, anyone?) or the moving solo line of the Last Post. The full warmth...

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