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Guitar Lessons in the West

May 31, 2018| Lyn Spiteri
Think back to the first time you came across a guitar. It is likely schools introduced you to the instrument in your regular music classes. You would generally have had lessons in a group format. You might have felt like the learning of the instrument was delivered very broadly. Perhaps you were taught a few basic chords. Maybe a teacher encouraged to try proper technique during guitar lessons. This depends greatly on the skill level of the classroom teacher. Schools like this approach because guitars are popular and affordable. Nowadays, you can also simply trawl through Youtube content. Sometimes this is a questionable way to go! Despite these opportunities for exposure and access, there is no replacement for individual tuition with qualified staff. At Chasing Sound, we have several classical, electric and bass guitar teachers available. Our teachers cater to various personalities, abilities and musical interests. Come along and meet Eddie, Emmet, Chris and Bud. They are all accomplished musicians and educators. If you have ever wanted to give guitar a go, be brave, give us a call or visit our website and make a start.