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Music: An Exercise in Self-Discipline

May 3, 2018| Lyn Spiteri
Music provides an organic exercise in self-discipline and mindset, as practice, ability and instruction can impact overall success for an individual or ensemble. We as musicians are required to set goals and work towards them, identify strategies and solutions to move forward, challenge themselves to tackle new repertoire, instrumentation or performance circumstances and are, most importantly, consistently evolving in skill and experience. The start of our musical journey is often slow and frustrating and though progress is steady — dependent on effort and application of course — it takes many years to feel as though some true proficiency has been achieved. There are also various elements of general musicianship that require simultaneous development; aural and listening skills, theoretical awareness, technical fluency, sight-reading ability, ensemble sensibility, performance preparation, stamina, expressiveness and tone. This is without even contemplating the other creative outlets that can exist within the realm of music, that of composition, improvisation and memory recall. However, ultimately this slow burn is an invaluable exercise in self-discipline, motivation and mindset that can teach you a great deal about what is within your realm of ability.