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Woodwind Lessons In The West.

June 28, 2018| Lyn Spiteri
Flute, Clarinet and Saxophone -- think about when you have heard one of these woodwind instruments. The beautiful and lilting sounds of the flute. The versatile clarinet, equally mournful or jovial. Everyone knows that Lisa Simpson plays saxophone but there is much more to the instrument! These woodwind instruments lend themselves perfectly to making music with others in the community.
Some schools offer group lessons on these instruments, but many others simply do not have them included in their music curriculum. Chasing Sound Music School aims to increase players on flute, clarinet and saxophone. We want to encourage people to try something new. At Chasing Sound we have a wonderful Woodwind teacher available. Come along and meet Graham -- an accomplished musician and educator. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at flute, clarinet or saxophone, the time is now! Simply give us a call or visit our website to make a start.