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Curriculum, checklists and costs.

At Chasing Sound, we encourage students to challenge themselves by completing Music Exams. However, there are a number of things to be aware of when deciding to sit an exam, including what's required musically and financially.

Supporting Parents & Students

Get a sense of what the exam involves.

What do students have to prepare for AMEB Exams?

  • AMEB Exams require you to learn a certain number of pieces on your instrument, as well as scales and other technical work. 

  • There are aural (singing/listening skills), general knowledge (symbols and markings) and sight-reading requirements. These depend on what type of exam you're doing, too - Comprehensive includes everything, but Repertoire is just pieces. 

  • Depending on the exam grade, you may also need to complete a theory exam.

What will the exam itself be like?

  • The AMEB Exam occurs in a formal assessment environment, so young students should understand that they should not expect to have a friendly chat with the examiner throughout. Remember, these exams are essentially a performance. 

  • The exams take place at the AMEB Studio, which is located at 259 Auburn Road, Hawthorn. On exam day, make sure you have your repertoire book and Notice of Exam (we'll provide you with this). You cannot take photocopies into the exam with you. 

What is the best way to track progress for exams?

  • There is no set timeline for exam preparation, as readiness depends on the student age, exam grade/difficulty and more. Students, parents and tutors can communicate clearly and set realistic goals together.

  • Setting some progression points is a good way to stay on track and could include Chasing Sound performance opportunities or practice exams. We've developed a Progress Tracker for use here. 

  • Parents are encouraged to sit in on lessons regularly (e.g. once a month) to get a better sense of AMEB progress. Stay informed and up-to-date on your progress by communicating on the Chasing Sound Student Portal. 

What if students are having trouble preparing?

  • If students are having trouble with aural and general knowledge, let the tutor or the Admin Desk know. We've got some print material to support theory, aural, sight-reading and general knowledge. 

  • Be sure to schedule some practice exam sessions with your tutor - a great way to focus in on the areas that need work. These mock exam sessions are also available separately to your lessons. 

  • Remember, it is not just about the outcome, it is about the progress and skills learned. Be realistic and flexible!

AMEB Exam Costs & Enrolment

Investing in the exam process.

How much does it cost?

  • There is a fee to enrol in AMEB Exams, as well as extra costs related to print music, resources and piano accompaniment. Depending on the instrument and grade, exam fees are anywhere between $80-$200. Print music also varies, but is generally somewhere between $30-$80. 

  • Most instruments (except piano) require performance with piano accompaniment or the use of backing tracks. Not all exam instruments have backing tracks available, but we can organise piano accompaniment here for you, using one of our tutors or an external accompanist.

  • Accompanist rehearsals are $45 for 30mins. Chasing Sound requires a minimum of two rehearsals with accompanists due to the logistics involved in learning parts, scheduling sessions and exam preparation. There's also an Exam Day fee of $80, which includes your accompanist arriving 30mins prior to the exam to warm-up and rehearse, as well as the session itself. 

What happens if we need to reschedule or withdraw?

  • AMEB have policies around withdrawal, cancellation or re-scheduling. There are fees associated with these, which is why noting your exemption dates when enrolling is very important. You can read the AMEB policies here. ​

When will the exam be?

  • There are several exam rounds in the year. These dates can be found at the AMEB website here. There are closing dates for enrolment, so once we've heard back from AMEB, we'll let you know what day and time you've been given for your exam. 

Can I select the exam date?

  • Unfortunately you're not able to request specific dates, AMEB just schedule the exam. This means the exam could fall on a school day, which is actually very likely. You are allowed to request exemption dates, so you could say "no Saturday", "no Sunday" or "no weekend", but you're not able to specify which day you want.

  • In order to enrol you, the Admin Team will need you to list your exemption dates for the exam period. This is where you note dates to avoid that include medical appointments, school excursions or family trips. 

Books & Resources 

What you need to prepare for the exam.

COMPREHENSIVE exams include pieces, aural, general knowledge and sight-reading. In most cases, students must prepare 3 pieces, one from each of List A, B, C. From Grade 2 onward, they must also be familiar with additional pieces from the Extra List to be asked to perform partly or wholly at the discretion of the examiner. 

REPERTOIRE exams and FOR LEISURE only include pieces themselves, no aural, general knowledge or sight-reading elements. Generally, students must perform 4 pieces (3 pieces, one from each of List A, B, C + 1 own choice).

Depending on your Grade, you will be required to purchase repertoire books and print music.