Fees & Policies


The way we run things.

Chasing Sound reserves the right to change (or introduce) policies, fees, waivers and other Studio guidelines and requirements at any time.

Tuition Fees 

Let's get you started - what you need to know.

Chasing Sound offers private instrumental tuition to students six years and up, as well as performance opportunities, School Holiday Workshops and Ensemble Programs. We empower and equip our students for their musical journey and connect them to their broader community.

Tuition is paid in advance for all Chasing Sound lessons and programs. These fees secure your weekly spot in our lesson schedule or participation in our performance outcomes. Lessons are scheduled weekly throughout the school terms with holidays and closures calculated to reflect your invoice.

Tuition fees options: (Term)

  • $38.00 per 30min lesson payable in advance by the school term

Please note: The term payment amount will change depending on the placement of the school holidays and the length of the month or term.

Refunds are available if students discontinue lessons early, however, this process incurs an administration fee and requires two weeks' notice. 

Away & Late Cancellations

What happens when you're away or running late.

  • Away - 2 weeks' notice 

When you book your spot, this is the time that is allocated with the tutor, if you can't attend your lesson you are charged unless you give 2 weeks' notice. If the tutor is away a sub will be arranged. If a sub cannot be arranged, the lesson will not be charged and it will be credit for the following term. 

  • Late Cancellation - Under 2 weeks' notice / On the day

Lessons cancelled under 2 weeks or on the day of the lesson will not be made up, nor will a refund/credit be given.

  • Late Arrival and Schedule Adjustments

If the student is late they have the option of completing the remainder of the lesson time or elect to miss the session entirely but the lesson is still charged.

Absences, Rescheduling & Discontinuing.

The in's and out's of coming to lessons. Take the time to read and know what you are signing up for.

  • Student Illness

Everyone at Chasing Sound has the right to feel safe and remain healthy. No students should attend lessons when sick (e.g. fever, nausea, vomiting, etc.). 

Online lessons are always available and are the best option if you want to have your lesson but are not well enough to come into the studio. You may also be able to reschedule your lesson as follows:

Rescheduling terms:

  1. You are allowed one rescheduled lesson per term due to illness.

  2. Rescheduling is not applicable for lessons cancelled on the day.

  3. Rescheduling can only be with your tutor, not a different one.

Rescheduling process:

  1. Please note it is your responsibility to ask the admin team or your tutor if you wish to have a rescheduled lesson

  2. During the term, come to the desk or see your tutor to check for gaps in their timetable

  3. Rescheduled lessons are only booked during the term and during your tutor's regular days and times unless the tutor specifies another day and time they can reschedule at Chasing Sound. 

  4. The rescheduled lesson is not guaranteed to happen as not all days and times will fit the student and the tutor. It will be wiped at the end of the term and reset for the new term.

  • Long-Term Absence

If the student is to be absent for an extended period of time, please notify us in writing in advance. Please be aware that depending on the length of the absence, the lesson time slot may not remain available upon their return.

  • Tutor Absences

In the event of a tutor absence, Chasing Sound will provide a substitute, reschedule the missed lessons or offer credit for the following term. Similarly, if a tutor ceases their work at Chasing Sound, we reserve the right to replace them with a new tutor. 

  • Discontinuing Lessons or Dismissal - 2 Weeks' notice 

To discontinue lessons, students need to notify Chasing Sound in writing. If you decide to withdraw from lessons after payment has been made, a refund can be processed but will incur a $10 administrative fee.


Chasing Sound reserves the right to pause lessons due to frequent absences, disciplinary problems, overdue tuition payments, and/or parental noncompliance with our policies.

Chasing Sound Policies 

These set the culture and environment for Chasing Sound. 

  • Student Supervision

Although we have a waiting area and we welcome members of our community into this space, we request that siblings and children are not left unsupervised in the Studio. Duty of care only applies to the student when they are in the lesson with their tutor. Please ensure you collect your children promptly from their lesson.

  • Communication

Chasing Sound is committed to communication being open, honest, respectful, measured, sensitive and constructive. In adhering to these principles we aim to strengthen the goodwill and the positive partnership between parents and the school and to enhance the wellbeing and learning opportunities for our students.

Please note, invoices and general information will be sent via email and we use SMS lesson reminders. Where information is regarding long-term absences, adjustments to lesson times, invoices/payment etc. this must occur via email. Lesson absences, lesson confirmations and late cancellations/arrivals can be communicated via SMS/phone. 

Chasing Sound also use our online Student Portal to upload/share resources and communicate lesson notes. This allows transparent contact between tutors, students and parents.

  • Photography & Videography Release

Any photographs, audio or videos of students or families at Chasing Sound premises and/or events may be used in promotional publications, on our website, social media platforms or as part of press releases. There will be no compensation for the release. Please notify the Studio in writing if you do not consent for this material to be used.

  • The Chasing Sound Community

Chasing Sound welcomes students, parents and members of the community from any religion, gender, race, color, sexual orientation, national and ethnic origin. It is our belief that access to our programs, and music education in general, should be available to all and as such, we do not abide discrimination of any kind.


Chasing Sound is a place where all people are safe and welcome and everyone has  the right to be treated with respect and understanding. Anti-social or inappropriate behaviour, or conduct that conflicts with our policies will not be tolerated and will be reported to the relevant authorities.

Chasing Sound has Child Protection Policies in place to empower and educate young people and maintain professional standards and transparency within our community.