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General Health & Safety Guidelines

Everyone at CSMS has the right to feel safe and remain healthy. These requirements help ensure this for all staff, students, parents and CSMS equipment/property. Please read and adhere to the following guidelines:

    • no children should be left unsupervised on the premises
    • there should be no running up/down the stairs or within the studio or teaching rooms
    • all retail equipment/wall displays/print materials are off-limits unless staff are assisting
    • all CSMS property/equipment must be treated with care when in use
    • only staff are permitted to enter the staff area/kitchen (behind the barn door)
    • only staff are permitted behind the main admin desk
    • only staff are permitted in the office unless otherwise authorised
    • food is not permitted in the teaching rooms 
    • drink bottles/bottled water are permitted and encouraged for good hydration
    • everyone must wash their hands properly and observe good hygiene
    • everyone must cough/sneeze into their elbows and wash hands after tissue use
    • if staff/students are unwell they should not attend the studio


COVID-19 Health Guidelines

Chasing Sound is following the guidelines for community services as outlined by the Department of Health and Human Services.

As such, we will be enforcing the following rules as taken from these guidelines:

    • teaching rooms will be marked out to show the 1.5m social distancing required 
    • Anyone entering Chasing Sound needs to wear a mask.
    • Students that need to remove their mask in lessons should have a shield in the room
    • only 20 people will be permitted on the premises at one time
    • one parent to do drop off/collection and avoid bringing the family if possible
    • all students and teachers will need to wash/sanitise their hands
    • parents will not be permitted in the teaching rooms during lessons
    • shared surfaces and equipment will be regularly sanitised 
    • teaching rooms will utilise their air ventilation systems
    • colouring books and toys will be removed from the premises
    • students must bring their own drink bottles rather than using CSMS cups
    • students should only bring the equipment they need (no school bags etc.)
    • if students/parents wish to purchase print material, they must ask a CSMS staff member to retrieve this for them 
    • electronic/online payments are preferred wherever possible
    • good hygiene practices required such as coughing/sneezing into your elbow and avoiding touching your face
    • students and teachers who show symptoms or are unwell must remain at home

CSMS will continue to regularly communicate with our community in a clear and informative manner regarding updates to operations, health guidelines or other government advice.

CSMS will use best endeavors to design alternate performance outcomes for students with adjusted seating and health guideline parameters in place.