Instruments & Tutors

Dig a little deeper into the instruments and lessons offered at Chasing Sound and learn about our talented team of tutors. While you're at it, get a feel for our facilities and our overall Chasing Sound culture.

We've created an environment that improves you as a musician, puts your skills into practice, and inspires you to perform. 

If while you're scrolling through you feel ready to get started, pop over and read the Music Lessons page to make sure you know the in's and out's of music lessons here at Chasing Sound. 

Chasing Sound Staff are sessional, maintaining a variety of other work commitments. Their time at Chasing Sound is limited to certain days and times due to sessional work habits. 


Come and enjoy the space and facilities at Chasing Sound. Learn the joys of music, meet new friends, perform and grow as a musician.

Vocal Music Lessons

Singing is by the far the oldest method of sharing music and communicating our feelings. At Chasing Sound we make sure that our vocal tutors cater to your needs and desires during your lessons.

 Learning to sing can help train your ear and similarly develop your ability to express yourself. Singing can be a terrific way to begin your musical journey and also prove suitable for children.


Regardless of whether you want to study rock, classical or pop, we have your vocal range covered. Chasing Sound can also support your career with backing tracks and tuition books to get you off the ground.


Guitar Lessons  
Bass Guitar Lessons

Guitar is one of the most popular instruments at Chasing Sound and our lessons are tailored to suit all students and ages.


Guitar lessons at Chasing Sound can address a specific style, can include improvisation or be customised to an individual’s particular requirements.


Our guitar tutors have extensive industry and teaching experience to provide you with the best possible guidance.


Drum Lessons

Drums and percussion are a lot of fun to learn! Here at Chasing Sound we offer lessons in both types.


We ensure students’ experiences are enjoyable and can also assist with tackling recital pieces or preparing for auditions.


Each lesson is specially designed to make sure our students achieve the standards they’ve always dreamed of. If you would like to learn percussion, drums or both, book a lesson and start today.


Flute, Clarinet, Saxophone 

Music Lessons

The woodwind section is a wonderful way to begin your musical journey. This instrument family includes the incredibly versatile and expressive flute, clarinet and saxophone, key players in all school gigs. 


Students focus initially on practical technique and reading, building stamina, posture and good practice strategies, before making music with others. In terms of the Concert Band ensemble, the more flutes and clarinets the better, and when partnered with a few saxophones, we’re all set for an exciting symphonic sound.


Trumpet, Trombone  Brass Music Lessons

It’s all about the brass! In our Programs, students have the chance to try their hand at trumpet and trombone, bringing a bold and exciting layer to formal events and school celebrations.  


Once young brass musicians have consolidated their sound production, technique and reading skills, they bolster the Concert Band, fine-tuning their sight-reading and dynamic control. These instruments take events to the next level.


Piano Music Lessons

Piano and keyboard are popular instruments to learn - they can offer instant results and sound amazing!

Piano is a great first instrument - building valuable musical and theory skills. Don’t have a Baby Grand at home? It is completely fine for students to practice at home on a keyboard.

At Chasing Sound we have three upright Pianos and teach students of all ages and at any level. Our tutors can prepare you for an AMEB Exam, Recital performance or teach you that song you’ve always wanted to learn!


Violin, Viola & Cello 

Traditional stringed instruments are the lifeblood of classical music and various styles of traditional folk music. We believe there is no sweeter sound than when our rooms are full of string instruments! Violin, Viola and Cello Lessons are offered at the Studio. 

Students learn the fundamentals of technique, ear training and reading notation. This includes correct posture and practical technique. They are introduced to reading music notes, as well as counting rhythms and basic symbols. They work on learning how to practice effectively and develop routines to support their progress.


Meet new friends and explore music education