Music Exams

Music Exams are good for a number of reasons and all students (no matter the age) should spend the time to read their purpose and benefits. 

Music exams can also be done just for personal reasons or, for you to have a long-term goal. The benefits of the exam are in the details, they are very comprehensive and structured. Completing an exam is a great way to learn more about your instrument and yourself. 

Exam books and more are available at Chasing Sound. Chatting with your tutor or booking a time to chat with the Admin Team is a great way to start the journey. 

AMEB Exams

The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) offers syllabuses and graded exams for a wide range of musical instruments, music theory, singing, speech, and drama.

Music exams are designed to have you play at a certain standard so that you can be assessed on what you have learned. The result of this is a grading that is used nationally and with some exams internationally as a qualification of the standard you have achieved on the instrument.  


AMEB Exams occur at the AMEB Studio -- 

259 Auburn Road, Hawthorn. 

 These exams are a terrific way for students to excel and further develop their general musical skills. The exam is mostly practical (playing scales and pieces on their instrument). Students will find that listening, general knowledge and sight-reading skills are also covered. AMEB students receive comments from an examiner and a certificate upon completion. 

At Chasing Sound we can support you through all stages of the process, including purchasing resources, enrolment and organising piano accompaniment.

Glasses and Music Sheet

Chasing Sound 

Chasing Sound hold a number of resources that students, parents, and tutors can access. The resources are here to help provide examples and guidance so that you can see what a tutor or member of the Admin Team is referring to. 

If there is something we should add or you are having trouble finding a resource, contact Chasing Sound so we can update or point you in the right direction. 

Resources include:

  • AMEB Syllabus

  • AMEB Progress Tracker 

  • Practice Template for the Student Portal 

  • AMEB Checklist

We also advise that you purchase the following ongoing AMEB Resources, which you can do at the Chasing Sound Admin Desk:

  • Aural Handbook

  • How To Blitz AMEB General Knowledge

  • AMEB Theory Books 

  • Technical Workbooks (available for a variety of instruments)

  • Sight-Reading / Sight-Singing (available for a variety of instruments)

Mock Exam, Theory & Aural

Chasing Sound can also organise a 'Mock Exam'. The Mock Exam is held at Chasing Sound, normally during your lesson, and is for a student who would like to try/prepare for what an exam will be like. There are some differences that you should be aware of and some limitations too. 

A mock exam would most likely need backing tracks instead of an accompanist. The pieces that you choose to play could be out of any book, style, and length. In the end, you are given a mock grade not an official grade from an examiner.

The mock exam is there to dip your toe in the water and help you understand exam conditions. They are fun and a great way to set some goals

Students that need help with Theory or Aural can book sessions with our tutors to get assistance or just another perspective on their questions. 


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