Performances & Programs


Chasing Sound organises multiple performance opportunities which offer a forum for parents, family and friends to witness student displays of the progress made during lessons. These events allow an enjoyable celebration of accomplishments for students, tutors and the audience — a chance for us all to share the joy of music with our community. Plus they're just a super fun time!

There are solo and ensemble performance outcomes available throughout the year - great benchmarks for student progress.

Autumn & Spring School Holiday Workshops


We hold School Holiday Programs in Autumn and Spring that see young musicians from across the community come together to learn, rehearse, socialise and perform. These Music Workshops are intensive music education experiences that enhance progress and connect like-minded peers. Over two days, students learn new material, participate in combined items and present a Concert Program. They make friends, get a little further musically and learn important skills for practice and performance.


Winter Soiree, Spring Soiree and Summer Recital Series

These events are the chance for solo performers to get up and strut their stuff. Musicians perform one at a time in a mini-concert block for supportive family and friends. This is a great oppotunity for performers of all ability levels to celebrate their progress. 


Whether it’s your debut, you’re working towards a music exam or just want to tick something off the bucket-list, set aside one of these dates to get your groove on.

School Partnership Ensemble Programs

At Chasing Sound we believe that making music together is incredibly special and a unique opportunity to develop musicianship, social networks, transferable life skills, and foster wellbeing. Our Ensemble Programs, delivered in partnership with local schools, enables students to receive private tuition on their instrument and come together regularly for enrichment and performance.


Students get the chance to participate musically in their own school events, including Open Days, Grade 6 Graduations and Concerts. They also join with the rest of their Cluster for larger combined events. 



Meet new friends and explore music education