Student Portal

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

This portal is the place to find online resources, practice materials and notes from their tutor.

This means everything needed to learn, progress and enjoy making music can be kept together.Transparency and communication are important to us. In this online space, parents and students can ask questions and also refer to practice guides. Working together in this way, we can track the musical journey of students. That might be towards a performance outcome or just that very next step.

Additionally, the student portal provides a way to problem solve together and find supporting material. This maintains consistency no matter who your Chasing Sound teacher is. It works with the print music resources available via our retail services to provide a strong musical foundation.

How to Access the Student Portal

We invite members of our community to journey through their student portal and unlock their musical potential. You can find a handy guide on how to do this at our website here.

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