Footscray High & Footscray Primary Concert Band

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Footsray High and Footscray Primary have joined together to form the first learn precient Concert Band. 2021 marks the first year that the schools will combine on a new venture for music in the West.

So much of what we do here is about creating musical pathways and meaningful links with the community. With tremendous parent and community support, we’ve been able to really accomplish a tangible, visible example of the Footscray Learning Precinct in action. The Footscray Primary School Concert Band have performed at several Chasing Sound events, showcasing their growing skills and sense of teamwork. They’ve gotten the chance to see Footscray High groups and community ensembles like Westgate Concert Band perform, which gives them a sneak-peek at what could be on the horizon musically for them. The Concert Band Program also generated interest in other instruments, which saw the creation of a Footscray Primary Choir. Formal ensemble ties between Footscray Primary and Footscray High mean that a Grade 3 student gets the chance to learn and rehearse alongside a Year 7 one, offering a strong sense of belonging and making the transition into secondary school that little bit easier. These partnerships prove the pathways are possible.

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