Growth Mindset in Music

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Growth Mindset is a positive approach for the development of young people. Through this practice, they are praised for their effort and process. They view intelligence as something that is ongoing and developmental. With growth mindset they learn to be resilient in the face of setbacks.

Fixed mindset has a focus on students being praised for their ability, though this often results in them expecting things to come easily or naturally. They view their intelligence as possessing certain talents rather than a skill that can be expanded. They place a priority on appearing smart, conceal mistakes and sometimes resort to cheating if required. In our results-driven and increasingly competitive education system this is very prevalent.

As educators, we have often seen students reduced to tears at their academic stumbles. They buckle under the pressure as they often feel they have to somehow be brilliant at everything. We have seen students adopt an apathetic attitude and become anxious due to a fear of failure. Music is an exercise in growth mindset.

At Chasing Sound Music School, we can empathise with students no matter where they are on their musical journey. We remember what it was like to begin. We know how it feels to be nervous and we understand all too well the frustrations and fears. Students need only try. With time and effort, they will accomplish more than they ever imagined.

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