Online Music Lessons

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

Chasing Sound is proud to add online music lessons to our tuition services.

Using Zoom as our platform, many of our students have enjoyed online lessons with their tutors. These lessons allow for a little more flexibility in scheduling times so are an option for make-ups in future. They also keep students connected with their teacher and on track musically.We have had tremendous success these past few months transitioning students to and from these online lessons.

Chasing Sound has developed resources to support learning in this way and have given our community access to their student portal.Here, students and teachers can share resources, feedback and instructions for practice. Look out for some more information about that in the coming weeks. Online learning has reminded us that we are resilient in the face of change. That we can adapt, learn a new skill and maintain our routines in the spite of uncertainty.

It has brought our Chasing Sound community closer together and has enhanced our teaching processes.We would love to hear any feedback regarding online lessons so please get in touch with us. In the meantime, shut down your device and get practicing!

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