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I was wondering if you do lessons for adults? Here at Chasing Sound when an adult calls up for lessons on occasion I’ll get asked if we do lessons for adults. Below is a list of information and questions I get asked. Some adults think that we only do lessons for school students at Chasing Sound . There could be a number of reasons that adults think music lessons are just for younger people but the core of the issue is, adults feel they out grow education. Education and more specifically music education you can never outgrow, start too late or think you can’t participate. Music for adults keeps them young, engaged with people in their community, builds personal development and for some people like Keith Richards could be the fountain of youth. How long will it take me to learn the instrument? Difficult to answer but, I have found after about 4 weeks you’ll have started to make some progress and built a solid relationship with your teacher. The main thing is practice, have an instrument at home and enjoying the lessons. The spoils come later with hard work and coming to lessons for a while. I haven’t had lessons for a while so please don’t laugh at me. Some adults come in fearing there’s a standard you need to be at to start or continue lessons. To be honest, if you sign up and decide to come in this is the most difficult part and all your other thoughts or questions should be on hold till you have a couple of lessons. Don’t let your mind lead you away from doing something positive for yourself and personal growth. If you’re an adult and would like to start music lessons please call us here at Chasing Sound and have a go at learning an instrument or pick up where you left off if you were learning when you were younger. Also, if you have any questions just call and have a chat I am sure we can help you. Chasing Sound.

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