Chasing Sound & VU Innovations

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

The growth at Chasing Sound has been really organic. Many of our stories sprung up from students and parents connected to the Studio that then blossomed into exciting partnerships and opportunities. It was through such a link that Chasing Sound collaborated with VU Innovations - an entrepreneurship group out of Victoria University - to sponsor the Footscray Primary School Concert Band Program. Their support delivered 30 Concert Band instruments to our region and sparked a mini-musical revolution that has seen these students integrating with Footscray High in a really exciting way. This was the realisation of our Music Hub Model - shared resources, access and opportunity across school and community tiers.

Since the first roll-out of this program in 2019 - and thanks to the support of VU - the West can now boast a bunch of talented young musicians who are connected to their community and are discovering limitless possibilities for the path ahead.

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