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Saxophone, Flute and Clarinet Teacher


Ryan Lynch – Sax, Clarinet & Flute

Bachelor of Music

Interested in learning flute, clarinet or saxophone? Ryan is our Woodwind Teacher at Chasing Sound and is a highly skilled musician, performing in a variety of theatre, Opera and orchestra settings. He can teach across different genres and ability levels.
School-age students focus on fundamentals and playing in ensembles while adult learners expand their musical skills at their own pace.

Ryan likes working with dedicated students to prepare them for performance-based outcomes, including learning repertoire for their school bands, taking exams and music for leisure. Ryan empowers his adult students as they revisit woodwind instruments they played in their youth or embark upon a new musical journey. Students who want to learn an instrument that is perfectly suited to making music with others will find Ryan a great fit. We have instruments available for hire and use so get in touch for more information!