Accounts/Student Portal

The lesson is in your hands.

The Student Portal is the way to keep up to date with what's happening in lessons, how students are progressing, and what is required for practice. It also accommodates online lessons for students. 

Accounts/Student Portal Chasing Sound 

The Student Portal is where you can access lesson notes, class material and your online lesson when required. 

There is a neutral Student Portal space on My Music Staff - this is the program we use to manage everything. The Student Portal is where online resources, practice materials and lesson notes are stored. In this online space, parents and students can ask questions and also refer to practice guides. Working together in this way, we can all track the musical journey of students. Additionally, the Student Portal provides a way to problem solve together and find supporting material. This maintains consistency if students change tutor or tutors are away. 

Online Lessons 

Chasing Sound can also accommodate online lessons. Online lessons are ideal if you are not feeling the best, having trouble getting to the lesson from work, feel like staying in or you travel for a job. Online is quick, simple and a great way to stay in touch with the tutor. It's all managed through our Student Portal where your lessons and student resources are kept. 


Log in details will be sent to your provided email address when you sign up for lessons at Chasing Sound so access your Student Portal and have a look around. 

Click here to watch How-To Videos on using the Student Portal

Though face-to-face lessons are preferred, Chasing Sound can offer online sessions via Zoom. To do this, students will need to download and install this software on their personal computer or device. Our Admin Team will email you a Zoom invite link and password which will not change unless you switch tutors.