Chasing Sound Tutors 

Teaching music is a special gig. Here at Chasing Sound, our team of tutors are innovative, enthusiastic, and dedicated.

Chasing Sound Staff are sessional, maintaining a variety of other work commitments. Their time at Chasing Sound is limited on certain days and times due to sessional work habits. 

Vocal Tutors at Chasing Sound 


A seasoned frontwoman, Lani encourages students to find their voice. Lessons are engaging and focus on learning material that integrates with the Choir performances. Included in this are skills for singing harmonies, projection and microphone technique. 

Not sure which style of singing you are interested in? With the support of Chasing Sound, Lani can help you find your voice!

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Angela is one of our vocal tutors at chasing sound!  

If you are looking to expand your vocal range, step out of your comfort zone and into some new 

styles and genres, then Angela is the perfect tutor for you! 


With experience in genres including Pop, Funk, Rnb & Soul, and Pop Punk, Angela can help you find 

your own voice.  


Lessons with Angela are both fun and engaging but also informative and beneficial for growing 



If you think Angela would be a good fit for you, Contact us now!  


Guitar Tutors at Chasing Sound 



Bud covers a range of styles and techniques through this teaching as well as performing around Melbourne’s Funk and Soul scene.

Bud personalises his lessons for each student and has a positive and engaging approach to teaching guitar. Students of all ages further their skills in a relaxed and friendly environment with a teacher who understands them as musicians.

His adult learners re-live tunes from their youth, while students cover VCE content or their own personal music exploration. Beginners are guided through the refinement of fundamental skills and techniques on guitar.

Ever wanted to learn the guitar and feel Bud is a good fit for you? Get in touch with us!



Eddie is our most experienced Guitar Teacher at Chasing Sound. He has been with us for a number of years and brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise.

Eddie teaches students of all ages and across all styles in his lessons. His teaching method for Electric Guitar, Classical, Metal, Pop and Rock is extensive and engaging.


Students of Eddie are supported in their own individual way which makes their relationship with Eddie long-lasting and enjoyable.

His students know that each week they can expect to be challenged, have fun and enjoy the environment in which they will always progress!


If you wish to learn guitar or want to know more call us today!



Interested in learning Guitar across a range of styles? At Chasing Sound we encourage students to develop both practical and theoretical skills in music.


Jose enjoys guiding students as they explore Soul, Jazz, R&B, Blues, Funk and Pop, building techniques and individuality along the way. Students should bring an exercise book to record practice, a display folder and ready to share their musical goals and aspirations.


In lessons with Jose, students will grow as musicians, foster their creativity and learn in a positive and friendly environment.


Want to give Jose a try? Give us a call.

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An accomplished musician, Chris has been a performer and Guitar Teacher for many years. 

Lessons with Chris can include anything from electric and acoustic guitar techniques to improvisation, composition or music theory. The aim is to develop both practical and theory skills. Chris enjoys guiding students that are driven and enthusiastic. He believes in tailoring the lesson to suit the musical interests and goals of each student.

For Chris, the joy of teaching lies in seeing his students grow as musicians and being able to play a part in their progress. No matter your age or interest Chris will have a program for that will help get the best out of your guitar playing!


Piano Tutors at Chasing Sound 

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One of Stacey’s greatest joys is music in its many forms, starting with her learning piano aged 5. Growing up, she also played in Concert Band and Chinese Orchestra, learned the shakuhachi, and sang in a range of choirs. 

Students of all abilities and aged 4 and above are most welcome to learn with Stacey. All lessons are tailored to each student and will cover note-reading, ear training, duet playing, music theory, harmony, and improvisation, among other things. Lessons also cover a range of repertoire from classical to jazz, pop, and rock. 


Whether you want to play for fun, work your way up with exams, or understand music at a deeper level, just bring your willingness to learn and Stacey will help you achieve whatever musical goals you’re looking to accomplish.

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Kylie is a fun and enthusiastic piano teacher whose goal is to make everyone of all ages find an easy way to approach music, no matter what level you are currently at. Having played piano for 17 years herself, Kylie is a lover of Western Art Music (especially Chopin, Beethoven, Brahms) and she is trained under both the AMEB and ABRSM curriculum. Years playing as Principal Flautist in Symphony Orchestras has also broadened Kylie’s expertise, allowing her to now teach Music Theory and composition.


If you are a student looking to be introduced to music, and learn to love all aspects of it (yes, even sight reading can be made fun and easy with the right guidance!), then please don’t hesitate to try a lesson with a Kylie.



Dominique loves to teach students in primary school, High School and Adults. Regarding styles Dominique enjoys teaching pop, contemporary and soul. For beginners there's a wide selection of books we can start with.


If you are a student who has a passion for music and always comes in wanting to learn more you'll be a perfect fit.


Dominique includes fundamental music basics (theory and aural skills) in her lessons but is always willing to helping you learn what you want.


Whether that's working on your favourite music, attempting something out of your comfort zone or even writing your own song. 



Annie began playing piano at the age of 10. She was classically trained and completed AMEB examinations all throughout primary and high school.

Annie completed her Bachelor of Composition where she further developed her skills in music writing/composing, jazz harmony, arrangement and production.

Annie is now teaching piano, freelancing in film scoring and production, as well as producing her solo music production throughout social media platforms.

Annie likes teaching students who enjoy the following piano styles — classical, contemporary/pop, basic jazz and blues.

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String Tutors at Chasing Sound 



An accomplished musician, Ingrid has been part of the teaching staff at Chasing Sound for a number of years.

Ingrid teaches violin, viola and cello to a wide age range at the School – young children, teenagers and adults alike! She enjoys a variety of styles but loves teaching to the Suzuki Method and supporting students to sit AMEB Exams.

At Chasing Sound, string students also have a chance to play in ensembles and perform at our annual Recitals.

Ingrid enjoys teaching students that are focused and keen to further their knowledge on their chosen instrument. Whether you are just starting out or you have been playing for years, Ingrid is excited about supporting your musical journey!


Brass Tutors at Chasing Sound 


School-age students focus on fundamentals and playing in ensembles while adult learners expand their musical skills at their own pace. 


Georgie likes working with dedicated students to prepare them for performance-based outcomes, including learning repertoire for their school bands, taking exams and music for leisure.



Shan is studying at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music (University of Melbourne). He was initially a pianist who transferred skills and ambitions to trumpet – a much louder instrument!


Shan is classically trained however also plays in the Big Band scene. He is passionate about all types of music and encourages students to both listen and play music outside of the trumpet syllabus.


He enjoys teaching students who bring their own musical tastes and ideas to lessons. As a teacher, Shan’s goal is for students to have fun and feel comfortable in lessons while also learning something new each session.


Woodwind Tutors at Chasing Sound 



Edward is an experienced teacher and performer on saxophone, clarinet, and flute. He has played in professional musical theatre shows and for the Australian Wind Symphony, but his first love has always been jazz.

He has experience in preparing students for AMEB exams and university entrance auditions, but also loves teaching students who want to play purely for the joy of music alone. His area of expertise is teaching improvised music & harmonic theory, but he also has a wide range of experience in pop & classical styles. Students of all ages and levels of experience are welcome.

Drums / Percussion Tutors at Chasing Sound 



Hailing from QLD, Alex is a versatile and experienced percussionist/drummer and educator. He also has a background in composition and music technology and always enjoys combining electronics and improvisation within drumming.

At Chasing Sound, Alex works with students of all ages and across many styles, helping them develop their skills and the confidence to meet their goals (including exams and playing in bands).


Alex understands the musical journey of his students and supports them in meeting their performance-based outcomes.

Are you looking to try your hand at drums with Alex? Contact us today!



Matt Dooley is a Melbourne-based drummer who has extensive teaching and performing experience. He has achieved a Bachelor of Music at the Victorian College of the Arts and has performed and recorded with a number of jazz-influenced ensembles with a large focus on improvising and creativity.


Matt loves teaching students of all ages and skill levels and is passionate about building a creative and collaborative classroom environment that fosters both learning and fun. He aims to help his students learn something new each lesson, so that they can grow and thrive not just as drummers, but as musicians.


Students can expect to become proficient in Jazz, Pop, Rock, Hip-Hop and Latin drumming styles as well as learn how to improvise and develop their own percussive ideas. If you're interested, sign up for a trial lesson and come say hi!

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